The Foundation encourages all Institutional Investors who have purchased Tesco common stock between 2010 and 2014, but at least between the Relevant Period, on any non-U.S. stock exchange to join and support the Foundation as a Participant. Nominee shareholders and custodians can also act on behalf of their clients at this stage and collective Participation Agreements are accepted.

There are no costs or risks involved with participating in the Foundation. Moreover, the names of those participating do not become public before any settlement is declared final, and none of the participants become a party to any litigation. All costs and risks are borne by the Foundation, which is acting in its own name but for the interests of its members. Only if a sufficient amount of shares/investors participate in the Foundation will it be able to enter into a collective class-wide settlement under Dutch law (WCAM) for the benefit of all Institutional Investors.

Participation Agreement

If you would like to participate, please complete the Participation Agreement and provide your trades in the Data Template before returning a signed copy to the Foundation via email at info@investorclaimsagainsttesco.com.

Relevant Documents

Participation Agreement

Data Template

Deed of Incorporation